Official Fake Bake Stockist

The hottest spray booth in town! Scottish Hair & Beauty Award Winners for Spray Tanner of the Year 2013/2014 and Tanning Salon of the Year 2015!

Full Body Half Body
Fake Bake Original/Darker 15 minutes £20.00 £10.00
Fake Bake Beyond Bronze 15 minutes £15.00 £10.00
Fake Bake 60 minutes £22.00 £15.00

* We provide shower cap, sticky feet and paper pants with every spray tan!

Fake Bake Signature Drops! Another complimentary service provided at Sassy’s… Read more to find out why they will be perfect for you… Everyone has areas of their body that contain less natural pigment, which means it will always be harder to tan. It was in this knowledge that 2015 saw the launch of Fake Bake Signature. The objective of this bespoke tanning experience is to help bronze those hard to tan areas of the body, wether it is your legs, chest, face or another area where you struggle to achieve the same depth of colour and maintain a fabulous self tan.

Get the most out your tan by following these few steps before, during and after your tan…


    • Wax or shave at least 24 hours before your tan (if you are prone to those dreaded little black dots after tanning on your legs…try rinsing with cold water after shaving to close pores)
    • It is recommended you exfoliate and moisturise everyday for about a week before your tan, especially if it’s for an extra special event. This will prevent tan sticking to any dry areas of your body causing it to look either patchy, streaky or darker in some areas…not a good look!

On the Day

    • Wear/bring loose baggy clothes to your appointment (we recommend onsies, uggs, flip flops etc these are perfect sassy tan attire)
    • Bare your skin! Deodorants, Make Up, Moisturiser & Perfumes are a big no no whilst tanning, try and come with none or as little as possible on (we understand some of our clients come from work and that can’t be avoided, wipes are provided but there’s no guarantee it will be perfect )
    • Drivers beware…seat belts on bare freshly sprayed skin leaves marks on your tan …safety is first though so make sure your post tan get up is covering your skin!

That Night

    • Avoid contact with water …no dishes or bath times tonight…let someone else do it for a change!
    • Be super careful when brushing teeth or drinking and please us you don’t have to sit like a zombie all night! Relax! As long as your clothes are loose and the majority of your skin is covered there’s nothing to worry about ..
    • To avoid skin on skin contact when your snoozing we recommend long sleeve/leg PJ’s

 The Morning After

    • Don’t freak out if you pass by a mirror…
    • Shower as normal, lightly lather yourself in soap (a low Ph soap is always best but dont worry if you don’t have it)
    • Rinse all the bubbles and developing tan off (until water is running clear)
    • Pat you tan dry with a towel, the best result of your tan will show within 2 hours so be patient and don’t slap on another layer
    • Moisture and voilà…another beautifully tanned Sassy chick!
    • Continue the above process every day until exfoliation commences for your next app..